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Unlimited esthetic and safety for all facades with FRP
    Decoplan Facade GRP architectural design sheet

Prestige, esthetic, safety and light in company

Decoplan Facade GRP architectural design panels are variably translucent.

They are the facade and wall cladding material of prestigious projects in various countries as Germany and Switzerland.

The waterproof and electric resistive Decoplan panels are like the armour of the building as they are highly resistant to fire, chemicals, UV aging, weather conditions and corrosion.

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Fibroser corrugated translucent GRP sheet for facade

Reinforced, extremely safe and translucent

Fibroser corrugated translucent GRP sheets allow daylight penetration up to 90%.

Fibroser, one of the leading GRP sheets of Turkish and international markets, conform most reputable safety and resistance standards of the world.

They can be produced self-colored. Besides the 5 standard surface options, custom surfaces are available upon request.

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Fibropan FRP GRP facade sheet

Long time beauty and robustness

Fibropan GRP sheets are highly resistant to sunlight and UV aging, salt and chemicals’ corrosion. They provide highly esthetic facade solutions for challenging projects.

Self-colored Fibropan corrugated GRP sheets are maintenance-free. Easy-to-transport and mount sheets are very cost effective starting from the installation.

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Comparing facade materials
facade wall cladding corrosion

Standard materials for wall cladding

Wall cladding materials as:

  • Paints, plasters and coatings need renovation or re-application since their resistance to weather conditions are limited,
  • Paints, plasters and similar coatings also do not isolate heat,
  • Aluminium is conductive,
  • Low-quality aluminium composite panels are not fire resistant,
  • Most cladding panels are sensitive to chemicals, corrosion and acid rains due to limited resistance,
  • Panels need maintenance and cleaning.
GRP wall cladding facade material Decoplan Facade Germany

Advantages of GRP sheets

Fibrosan GRP sheets are:

  • resistant to all weather conditions and acid rains,
  • very low thermal conductors available for perfect heat isolation,
  • electrical insulators and 1 million times resistive as against aluminium panels,
  • fire resistant, self-extinguishing and avoid fire spread,
  • dirt and stain proof and maintenance free under normal conditions,
  • self colored, eliminate painting and maintenance costs completely.