Agroser transparent FRP greenhouse covering Agroser transparent GRP greenhouse covering Agroser transparent GRP greenhouse covering
Agroser - Transparent FRP Panels for greenhouse covering
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Agroser FRP greenhouse covering panels:

  • provide perfect diffusion of light,
  • provide plants with longer exposure to PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation),
  • have excellent light permeability up to 90%,
  • control harmfull UV light,
  • make plants grow faster,
  • provide increase in harvest,
  • reduce greenhouse heating costs by low thermal conductivity,
  • are lightweight, easy to mount and carry,
  • have low transport costs.

Agroser, specially designed and manufactured for greenhouse covering, is a leading material preferred by all small and big greenhouses in Turkey.

Agroser FRP greenhouse covering


Agroser FRP greenhouse panels are:

  • heat resistant from -40 °C to +120 °,
  • waterproof with very low moisture absorption ratio,
  • not affected by pesticides, organic and chemical fertilizers and other chemicals and gases composed thereof,
  • resistant to surface aging,
  • resistant to impacts, crashes and natural stress factors
Agroser FRP greenhouse covering

Safety, strength

Agroser panels are resistant to natural stress factors as wind, hail fall, snow load etc.

They provide work safety in carrying and mounting due to their lightweight structure.

They don’t increase construction load of the greenhouses and provide construction safety.

Screws and fittings don’t cause cracks or fractures on Agroser FRP panels over time.

They prevent high voltage arc discharges due to high electrical resistivity and insulation.

Agroser FRP Greenhouse covering

Areas of use

Agroser FRP greenhouse panels are used in covering of:

  • walls and roofs of greenhouses,
  • roofs of clay roof tile drying areas,
  • domestic greenhouses and conservatories,
  • seedling and foliage sale areas
Agroser FRP greenhouse covering

Agroser provides maximum light utilization and increases productivity and plant growth due to its special industrial design and premium optical characteristics.

Agroser Technical Specifications (click to view)
Agroser Product Specifications
Attribute Value
Thickness 0.9 mm
Transparency %90
UV Resistance High
Weather conditions resistance High
Chemical resistance High
Agroser Technical Specifications
Attribute Standard Unit Value


Profile 314
Agroser Profile
Profile Form Width (mm)
76 / 18 0.9 mm