Aegean University Hospital Clinic wall hygiene
Superior hygiene at public areas of medical facilities
Decopan Hygienic GRP sheet, panel

Specially produced for the medical sector

Decopan Hygiene products of Fibrosan, specially developed for medical sector take the advantages and improvements of GRP composite panels and sheets into the medical facilities.

Decopan Hygiene GRP panels, preferred by the selected universities, hospital groups, clinics and pharmaceutical facilities, have unlimited color and size options.

Decopan Hygiene GRP FRP wall and ceiling cladding panel

Uncompatible hygiene and clean appearance

Decopan Hygiene GRP panels are globally preferred for their superior technical specs and microbiologically tested hygienic features.

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Using at the public area

Decopan Hygiene GRP panels avoid the major public health issues in public areas of medical facilities for they:

  • prevent bacterial, fungal and mold growth,
  • are easy to clean, sterilize and stainproof,
  • are resistant to medical disinfectants and chemicals,
  • are anticorrosive,
  • are resistant to impacts and crashes.
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Multi-purpose and advantageous

Decopan Hygiene provides great advantages at the supporting units of medical facilities as:

  • patient admission centers and receptions,
  • laundries and housekeeping units,
  • dining rooms, kitchens and dishwashing units,
  • morgues, mortuaries,
  • medical waste units,
  • server rooms