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Fibrosan yeni Genel Müdürü Erim Yücel

A new era with Erim Yücel

Fibrosan, the noted producer of innovative medical and hygienic product range, preferred by top scientific and commercial institutions of Turkey and the world, introduced its new innovation strategies.

Company persists in supporting world’s leading RV and commercial vehicle manufacturers with current innovations as extra-strong GRP / FRP laminates as well as advanced safety options.

The Board appointed its member Erim Yücel as the Chief Executive and Managing Director of Fibrosan in this new digital era with ongoing developments in products, processes and customer relations.

NP İstanbul Brain Hospital

Second brain hospital of Europe trusted Decopan Hygiene’s extreme quality

Running Turkey’s sole 1A Ultra Clean class equipped surgery rooms, and holding one of the three JCI certificates in its class, NP Istanbul Brain Hospital preferred Decopan Hygiene’s upmost safety for its top standards.

Thus, NSP Brain Hospital, the unique and award winning scientific health institution is now among the top health institutions and universities of Turkey, who preferred Decopan hygienic FRP / GRP laminates and wall panel system.

Decopan Transport fibre glass reinforced composite traffic signage

FRP/GRP composite traffic signage

Decopan Transport, Glass Reinforced Plastics composite traffic signage system provides ageless, robust, anti-theft perfect solutions.

Extra durable GRP Laminates for monolithic bus roof and ceiling manufacturing

Decopan Bus Roof

Extra reinforced GRP laminates, specially produced for monolithic bus roofs.

Extra reinforced Decopan GRP laminate for trailer and truck body building

Decopan High Impact

Extra impact resistant GRP laminates for commercial vehicles.

Panolux architectural FRP GRP composite panels


Extremely strong, elegant, translucent GRP architectural panel system for either mega projects or simple residential interiors.

Decopan hygienic GRP wall panel and laminate options for unlimited hygiene

Decopan Hygiene

Anti-bacterial, disinfectable FRP / GRP laminates for every place where hygiene is a must such as operation rooms, food production facilities, etc.

Decopan, hygiene, medical wall, hospital wall

Medical Wall System

Easy-to-clean and disinfectable hygienic wall system for hospital walls preventing bacterial, fungal and mold growth, conforming to reputable hygienic and microbiological regulations.

Decopan anti slip GRP FRP Laminates

Decopan Anti Slip

Anti slip GRP laminates for commercial vehicle floorings.

Decoplan Facade translucent architectural FRP GRP sheet panel

Decoplan Facade

Translucent architectural GRP / FRP laminates favorited by top architectural practices of Europe.

Hot projects
Sabiha Gökçen business jet terminal, business jet hangar doors, Panolux

Panolux at the new business aircraft hangars of Sabiha Gökçen

New hangars for business jets have been built at the record-breaking airport Sabiha Gokcen of Turkey, the rising star of Europe’s business aviation sector.

Doors of business aviation hangars, also holding maintenance and VIP lounge facilities, are constructed with world-famous Panolux.

Alabuga, Tataristan, Alabuga SEZ, Fibrosan, Termopan

Winds of innovation at Alabuga, Tatarstan’s industrial breakthrough

Alabuga Special Economic Zone of Tatarstan, the industrial locomotive of Russian Federation, is a rapidly developing point of interest for global industrial investors.

Two major investors preferred to use Termopan, the high performance heat insulating translucent panels of Fibrosan to cover their facilities.

Click here to visit Alabuga website.

Tüpraş RUP, Tüpraş İzmit petrokok, Tüpraş petrokok, Fibroser

Fibroser covering the giant facility of Tüpraş

Fibroser is providing the petcoke facility of Tüpraş RUP Residium Upgrading Project, the highest industrial investment of Turkey with safe and long-lasting daylight.

Sunlight is penetrating through Fibroser translucent GRP / FRP panels, worldwide known with their superior robustness in harshest industrial and natural environments, into the first petcoke facility of Turkey with 700 kTons capacity.

Click to view Tüpraş.

Torku süt tozu, Panagro süt tozu, AB Holding süt tozu

Decopan Hygiene
at the largest meat and dairy plant of the world

Putting the final retouches on its meat and dairy production facility at Konya Meram, Panagro preferred Decopan Hygiene FRP / GRP panels to ensure world class hygiene.

When finished, the integrated production plant will be the largest in the world.

Selected applications
FRP incubator

Decopan hygiene in incubation from bottom to top

Decopan GRP panels, easy-to-clean and free from fungi and bacteria, provide high hygiene in incubators. Decopan, holding Certificate of Conformity of the Ministry of Health, Biolab Microorganizm Test, HACCP and ATP-C Certificates, is used for the walls, ceilings and floors of all kinds of incubation facilities from poultry production to microorganism laboratories.

Agroser FRP panels for agriculture

Agroser for higher PAR light and productivity

Agroser, doubling up heavy hail, snow and wind resistance by dual-use, provides the plants to absorb PAR (photosynthesic active radiation) light for longer time and increases productivity in greenhousing.

Long-live Agroser GRP greenhouse panels are not affected by the pesticides, manures and chemicals.

Decopan Transport FRP vehicle interiors

Decopan Transport in interior design

Decopan Transport, tested and classified as Class 1 and 3 in accordance with BS 476-7 Fire Tests, became the favorite material for cabin designs as well as trailer and body manufacturers in Europe and USA due to high hygenic standards and perfect surface quality.

Kaanlar Süt, Decopan Hygiene FRP wall application

Laboratory hygiene in the giant dairy products plant with Decopan

Kaanlar Süt, the leading cheese and dairy producer with highest capacity and using the headmost cheese production technologies in Turkey, has covered the walls and ceilings of the new plant with Decopan hygienic GRP panels.