Panaline embossed roof panels Panaline embossed FRP roof panels
Panaline - Opaque trapezoid FRP panels for the roofs
  Fibrosan Panaline FRP Panels

Panaline Opaque Trapezoid roof panels provide significantly cost effective solutions for roof applications.

Some of the features of Panaline FRP Panels are:

  • Age retardation with rich polyester content,
  • Dirt-resistance with easy-to-clean embossed surface,
  • Resistance to all weather conditions, impacts and crashes,
  • High resistance to heat deformation,
  • Superior resistance to water,
  • Low acoustic and electrical conductivity,
  • High UV resistance,
  • Maintenance-free characteristics,
  • Availability of all RAL and Pantone® colors,
  • High resistance to chemicals and industrial waste/exhaust gases,
  • Electrically insulating characteristics,
  • Ease of mounting and carrying,
  • Low transportation costs,
  • Free-length producibility up to 12 m.
Panaline FRP roof panels, FRP roof panels for residential buildings


Panaline Embossed FRP Trapezoid panels are:

  • heat resistant from -40 ° to +120 °,
  • waterproof with very low moisture absorption ratio,
  • extremely resistant to chemicals and industrial waste/exhaust gases,
  • extremely resistant to surface aging,
  • highly resistant to impacts, crashes and natural stress factors.
Car park roof, Parking canopy

Safety, strength

Panaline panels prevent high voltage arcs and discharges.

They are highly resistant to weather conditions as wind, hail fall, snow load etc.

They provide work safety and comfort in carrying and mounting due to their lightness.

They don’t increase construction load of the building and provide construction safety.

Fittings and screws don’t cause cracks or fractures on Panaline FRP panels over time.

Panaline GRP roof covering material

Areas of use

Panaline Embossed FRP panels are used on the roofs of:

  • Residential buildings,
  • Car parking areas, shelters and canopies,
  • Plants, factory and workshops, production facilities,
  • Barns, stockyards, animal shelters
Panaline Embossed Technical Specifications (click to view)
Panaline colors
Panaline Tile Red Trapezoid Roof Panel Panaline Blue Trapezoid Roof Panel Panaline Grey FRP Trapezoid Roof Panel Panaline Green Embossed Roof Panel
Embossed Tile Red Embossed Blue Embossed Grey Embossed Green
Panaline Embossed Product Specifications
Attribute Description
Weight 2229 kg/linear meters
Thickness 1.5 mm
Length Free length up to 12 m. for orders longer than 300 m.
Standard Colors Tile Red, Blue, Grey, Green - All RAL colors are available for orders longer than 300 m
UV Resistance High
Weather Conditions Resistance High
Resistance to Chemicals and Gases High
Panaline Technical Specifications
Attribute Standard Unit Value
Tensile Strength ASTM D 5083 N/mm² 61.2
Bending Strength ASTM D 790M N/mm² 190.0
Elasticity Modulus - N/mm² 8000
Heat Conductivity Factor λ W/mK 0.23
Fire Resistance Class BS 476 - Part 7 (Optional Class 1 veya Class 3 Fire Resistance)