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Triple solution pack for bovine and ovine livestock facilities
  Fibroser translucent roof and wall coverings for livestock industry

Only the light will enter into the facility

Fibroser translucent FRP panels, allowing light penetration up to 90% and extremely resistant to hard conditions of livestock farming are among the best roof and wall construction materials of Turkey and the world with superior technical specs.

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Fibropan FRP wall and roof panels in stockbreeding

Defying the sea, sun and the storms

Fibropan FRP roof and facade panels, unaffected by the sun, UV aging, corrosion of the chemicals and the salt defy the years. Self coloured FRP panels don’t need paint and repair. Lightweight and easy-to-mount Fibropan panels reduce establishment costs significantly.

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Decopan for hygiene in livestock and meat industry

Hygienic environments like operating rooms

Being used in the most choosy countries of the world, Decopan hygienic FRP wall and ceiling panels provide the exact solution for complete hygiene in livestock farms, meat industry, dairy industry and all the related facilities. Tested and certified by most respectable certification bodies of the world, Decopan branded products remove the harvest loss risks based upon vulnerable hygienic environment. The products produced in the facilities constructed by Decopan comply all related food safety regulations of the world.

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Decopan Hygiene in creamery

Flexible solutions for all size of plants and facilities

The triple livestock industry solution pack of Fibrosan is used in:

  • Small livestock facilities,
  • Barns, cowsheds, sheep folds, animal shelters,
  • Studs and stud farms,
  • Medium and large size ranches, animal farms,
  • Integrated livestock facilities,
  • Breeding facilities and laboratories,
  • All size creameries, cheese making facilities,
  • Dairy products plants,
  • Milking sheds and slaughterhouses,
  • Meat and meat products plants, etc.
Some practices and comparisons
polycarbonate corrosion

Corrosion of metal and polycarbonate elements in stockfarming

Emission of metabolic gases as hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, etc. by exhalation, and from manure or urine together compose a seriously hard and corrosive atmosphere in the barns. This atmosphere affects the construction elements negatively even the barn is well ventilated monitored and balanced by the stockbreeder.

Metal, polycarbonate and wood construction elements react with the corrosive compounds and gases and are corroded. The corrosion formed by condensation of corrosive gases on the walls and ceiling of cowhouses, sheepfolds, barns etc. threatens the building in due course, requiring renovation and maintenance.

Besides, the acid rains, atmospheric gases, sunlight, UV aging, etc. affect the building exteriors significantly.

Corroded roof and walls cause penetration of water and microorganisms inside, spoil the heat insulation of the building, support microbial growth and excessive humidity caused by surface condensation.

Corrosion-free livestock farming with FRP

Corrosion-free livestock facilities with fiberglass reinforced plastic panels

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) roof and wall panels produced by Fibrosan:

  • provide full protection against liquid and gaseous chemical corrosives,
  • are resistant to all weather conditions and acid rains,
  • are resistant to all negative and aging effects of the sun,
  • are very easy to clean and provide stainproof walls, ceilings and roofs,
  • are maintenance-free.
  • Besides, Decopan branded products are disinfectable and prevent bacterial, fungal and mold growth.
  • Self colored panels eliminate painting and maintenance costs completely.