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FRP / GRP roofings defying the time on every building
  Fibropan FRP GRP roof laminates

Long time beauty and robustness

Fibropan FRP roofings are highly resistant to sunlight and UV aging, salt and chemicals’ corrosion.

Self-colored Fibropan corrugated FRP roofings are maintenance-free. Easy-to-transport and mount sheets are very cost effective starting from the installation.

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Fibroser corrugated translucent GRP roofings

Reinforced, extremely safe and translucent

Fibroser corrugated translucent GRP roofings allow daylight penetration up to 90%.

Fibroser, one of the leading GRP roofings of Turkish and international markets, conform most reputable safety and resistance standards of the world.

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Termopan translucent FRP roofings for heat isolation

Translucency with double safety and thermal insulation

Termopan double layer translucent FRP roofings allow daylight penetration up to 70% while minimising the heat loss.

Fitting perfectly with metal sandwich panels, Termopan FRP roofings are produced according to the purlin spacings of customers’ projects.

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Panaline embossed GRP roofings

Advantages of embossed surface on opaque roofs

Panaline embossed trapezoid roofings provide constructers with economic roofing solutions.

The rich polyester content of Panaline GRP roofings retard aging. Self-colored embossed surface holds lesser dirt.

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Some practices and reviews
Concrete and steel corrosion at the seaside

Salt corrosion at the seaside

Buildings at or near the seaside are highly affected by destructive corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. Seaside mist and wind contains dense corrosive salt vapor containing salt crystals. The crystals have corrosive effects even with the normal wind, increasing with moderate and stiff breezes and winds.

Corrosion free roofs with GRP at the seaside

Corrosion-free roofs at the seaside with FRP / GRP roofings

Fibrosan FRP / GRP roofings:

  • provide full protection against liquid and gaseous chemical corrosives,
  • are resistant to all weather conditions and acid rains,
  • are resistant to all negative and aging effects of the sun,
  • are very easy to clean and provide stainproof roofs,
  • are maintenance-free,
  • Self-colored panels eliminate painting and maintenance costs completely.