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Decopan Hygiene GRP panel

Developed for laboratories at the laboratory

Decopan Hygiene GRP composite panels are specially developed for high hygiene, resistance, cleanliness and esthetics.

Decopan Hygiene’s wide product range is ideal for use at all kinds of laboratories.

Decopan hygienic GRP panels and sheets

Standards and tests

The microbiological safety, chemical, mechanical, electrical and fire resistance, food safety and other technical features of Decopan Hygiene products are tested and certified by most reputable certification bodies of Europe and USA.

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Temiz odalar için Decopan Hijyen

The construction material for sensitive areas

Decopan Hygiene product range perfectly meet the sensitive requirements of all laboratories. Panels and sheets are:

  • resistant to chemicals,
  • anticorrosive,
  • resistant to impacts and crashes,
  • fire resistant, avoid fire spread and extinguish themselves,
  • waterproof,
  • electrical insulators and avoid high voltage arc discharges.
Laboratuvar CTP duvar levhası

Wide areas of use

Decopan Hygiene GRP panels and sheet are used in:

  • medical laboratories,
  • biology, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry laboratories,
  • genetic research centers,
  • physics, electric, electronic and mechanics laboratories,
  • public health and food safety laboratories,
  • computer and semi-conductor laboratories.