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Decoplan Facade - GRP panels for brand new horizons in architectural design
Black Sea Arena Decoplan

Decoplan Facade FRP wall panels are top designers’ choice for architectural design of prestigious residential and commercial building interiors and exteriors in several though markets from Switzerland to Germany and Turkey.

Some of the outstanding features of Decoplan Facade are:

  • Lightness avoiding extra construction loads,
  • High safety in interior ceiling applications,
  • Perfect resistance to all weather conditions, crashes and impacts,
  • Very high thermal deformation resistance,
  • Extremely high water resistance,
  • Low conductivity of heat and sound,
  • High UV resistance,
  • Maintenance free structure,
  • Producibility in every RAL and Pantone® color,
  • Variable translucency,
  • Anticorrosive characteristics and high chemical resistance,
  • B2 class fire resistance,
  • Electrical nonconductivity,
  • Ease of carrying and mounting,
  • Low cost of transport,
  • Producibility up to 3 meters in free length with minimum loss
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Decoplan Facade FRP architectural design panels are;

  • heat resistant from -40 °C to +120 °C,
  • waterproof with very low moisture absorption ratio,
  • resistant to chemicals,
  • anticorrosive,
  • resistant to UV and surface aging,
  • resistant to impacts, crashes and natural stress factors as wind, hail fall, snow load etc.

Safety, strength

Decoplan Facade is classified as B2 according to DIN 4102.

Decoplan Facade prevents high voltage arc discharges due to high electrical resistivity and insulation.

Architectural panels are resistant to natural stress factors as wind, hail fall, snow load etc.

Lightweight panels provide extra safety in large ceiling covering.

Decoplan Facade FRP panels don’t increase construction loads and provide additional earthquake safety.

Decoplan Facade Cephe Levhaları

Areas of use

Decoplan new generation FRP architectural panels are used in covering of:

  • Residential building facades, exteriors,
  • Interior and exterior wall and facades of prestigious buildings as shopping malls, banks, hotels, business centres etc.,
  • Airport, railroad and bus terminals,
  • Wide interior ceiling applications,
  • Renovation of old buildings,
  • Billboards,
  • Tradeshow booths and stands
Decoplan Facade Teknik Özellikler (tıklayınız)
Decoplan Facade Product Specifications
Attribute Value
Weight 7 kg/m²
Thickness 5 mm
Width 1000 mm - 1500 mm - 2000 mm - 2250 mm - 2500 mm - 2750 mm - 3000 mm
Length Free length up to 3000 mm.s
Standard colors Producible in every RAL and Pantone® color
Translucency Producible up to 70% translucency
UV Resistance Extra film coated - High
Weather conditions resistance High
Fire Resistance DIN 4102 - B2
Chemical resistance High
Decoplan Facade Tolerance Limits
Attribute Tolerance Limit
Thickness ± %5
Unit Weight ± %5
Width ± 1 cm
Length + 1.5 / -1 cm
Decoplan Technical Specifications
Attribute Standard Unit Value
Tensile Strength - N/mm² 69
Breaking Elongation - N/mm² 3.83 %
Bending Strength - N/mm² 170.0
Bending Modulus - N/mm² 9349
Bending Extendibility - - 3 %
Heat Resistance - °C -40 +120
Heat Based Deformation - - Thermoset Plastics Tolerances
Fire Resistance DIN 4102 - B2