Our quality policy

The quality policy that supports the mission of Fibrosan;

As Fibrosan team, we ensure each and every one of our client as well as end-users that, we provide them with products and services which meet present and future needs and requirements at the highest possible level:

  • with lowest possible waste and loss,
  • with lower costs,
  • at the soonest possible delivery time,
  • through our solid, and continuously improving quality management,
  • in a clean, well-organized, and safe work environment,
  • on a team built as a part of corporate and service culture of mutual respect, care, and perpetual training and innovation,
  • working in accordance with national and international standards and legal requirements,
  • while sustaining and progressing the trust, where our modern business management is inherent.
We pledge

to maintain our quality commitments,
not to use lower quality raw materials,
not to produce below the desired quality,
not to ship without the necessary QA inspections,
to research and innovate,
to improve ourselves and our business,
to provide our clients with best possible solutions,
to respect humanity and nature as well as our business.