Our social policy

Fibrosan A.Ş.’s social policy supporting Working Principles and Business Ethics:

  • With the awareness of social responsibility, Fibrosan has adopted the principle of minimizing the social impacts of its activities, contributing to the local community, and communicating with the affected communities in all its activities.
  • It is based on the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility in its management.
  • Fibrosan A.Ş. respects the principles of transparency, honesty, respect, loyalty, and justice at every stage of its projects. During its activities, it will establish a transparent and respectful relationship with all employees and communities, guarantee their rights, and respect their culture and values.
  • It will analyze the risks of all activities to be carried out on people and communities and implement appropriate preventive and mitigation measures.
  • All intervention measures will be taken in order to prevent the negative effects on people and communities caused by emergencies and a rapid response mechanism will be established for it.
  • With the trainings to be given, employees will be made aware of Working Principles and Business Ethics. The awareness will be raised by encouraging reporting of non-conformances and necessary resources will be provided in this context.
  • All necessary information will be shared with all stakeholders appropriately and transparently, and no discrimination will be made in this process. Continuity of communication with all stakeholders and local communities will be ensured.
  • A complaint mechanism will be implemented for the affected communities, employees, and subcontractors to provide an opportunity to express any concerns and comments about Fibrosan and receive feedback after a reasonable time.
  • Fibrosan will develop the criteria determined in the Working Principles and Business Ethics File in line with the needs by following the efficiency of social management processes. Senior management undertakes to provide all necessary support in these matters.
  • Fibrosan A.Ş. undertakes to work in accordance with human rights and to create a comfortable working conditions that will meet legal obligations for its employees. It carries out its work in accordance with the Business Ethics and Working Principles File.