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Fibrosan - World's major FRP panel manufacturer
Fibrosan, Fibrosan Logo, FRP Panel manufacturer

Founded by Yucel group in 1983 with its experience in composites since 1949 and market analysis in roofing since 1971, Fibrosan, the leader of Turkish FRP market achieved the aim of becoming a global manufacturer of FRP with headmost standards and techniques.

Fibrosan Plant

Fibrosan in 5 continents

Being known across Europe since mid 1990s with its premium production quality and ability in product development, Fibrosan expanded its business to all over Europe by Fibrosan GmbH in Germany since 1999 and Fibrosan U.K. Ltd. in England since 2007.

Just then, Fibrosan products well-known across the continent of America also took the lead of quality, overwhelming the competitive Asian market.

Exporting more than half of its production to challenging global markets for many years, Fibrosan trades in 5 continents with its own brands.

Fibrosan Facility

Advanced products

Fibrosan uses its 60 years of building and 40 years of FRP market experience in devoloping advanced products. With its 9 different brands, Fibrosan manufactures various materials and provides solutions for:

  • the roof and facade of industrial and residential buildings
  • public and sterile areas in health facilities
  • public and sterile areas in agriculture and livestock farming
  • the roof and facade applications of risky industrial buildings
  • decorative and design materials for architechtural use
  • interior and exterior coverings of all kinds of transport
  • the roof, facade and doors of specific areas i.e. aircraft hangars.