Protective measures and applications in Fibrosan

Dear Friends, Customers, Business Partners;

We are closely following up to the minute developments, measures and news about Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Health, wellness and safety of our team have the highest priority to us.

We took all necessary measures to protect our team and everyone who is in contact with Fibrosan, with regards to rules and guidelines announced by Turkish Ministry of Health, as well as the latest developments by WHO.

Within this scope:

  • We provide masks to all visitors and ask them to wear while they’re in our campus.
  • We disinfect complete production facility and campus daily as well as shuttles carrying our personnel. Disinfectant units and dispensers are widely in use all around our campus.
  • We stream informative videos about prevention and measures as well as latest developments to screens all around the campus continuously, to keep our team members aware.
  • Up to date signs and warnings, improved and increased in number, help prevention and disease awareness.
  • 90 cm Safe Area is a standard application rule in the facility.


  • All domestic and international trips of our team and board are suspended until further notice from the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our team members, who were traveling before the suspension rule are working at home for a minimum period of 14 days, known as the incubation period.
  • Occupational physician assess our team considering referrals to official Covid-19 medical rules and regulations as well as standard workplace health .

We consider sustainability essential to our supply chain management and our business.

Valid supply chain and operational risk management system of Fibrosan stands in force, which is updated instantly in accord with up to date parameters.

Our supplier chain is ready for any crisis situation with accredited substitudes to avoid any interruptions or bottlenecks.

It is crucial to state that;

We are managing our process calmly, carefully with a cautious but forethoughtful mindset according to the official data from Turkish Ministry of Health and WHO during this extraordinary period, and determined to continue so.

Sustainability of our well-recognized on-time delivery and promt service providing policy is under our warranty.

We hope this pandemia of Covid-19 end up being curable as soon as possible and whish you health .